Where did the NAA fact sheets go?

Over the years, the National Archives of Australia has created a useful collection of ‘fact sheets’ providing information on how to use their collection and find records on a number of historical topics. When the NAA updated their website in 2019, most of these fact sheets were removed. Fortunately, these have now been restored, but the format and most of the urls have changed.

The current list of fact sheets can now be found here. The individual fact sheets are now PDF files, rather than HTML pages. Also most of the original urls are still broken (94% last time I checked), so if you have links to the fact sheets in course materials or other resources, you’ll need to update them to point to the PDFs.

It’s great that the content has been restored, but disappointing that an archive would care so little about preserving links to significant resources.

If you want to view the old list of fact sheets, you can find them preserved in Trove.

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