Trouble harvesting items in NAA series

I’m trying to harvest the series that you have set as the default - B13 - but can’t get passed the first hurdle. Attached is a screen capture of the error message. Suggests parameters are wrong but they look ok to my non-techy eye!! Can’t work out what I am doing wrong? Glam workbench|690x78

Mostly when you get a NameError it’s because the current cell depends on something in an earlier cell that hasn’t yet been run. The easiest thing to do is just start of the top of the notebook, then work your way down by hitting shift+enter, that way all the cells will have been run, and all the functions will be ready.

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Ok I understand where I went wrong. SGlam-2 o what am missing here?

That’s a puzzle – I can’t duplicate anything like that. Did you change anything in the cells above that one?