The Hung Family of Lefroy, Tasmania – an exploration in Tasmanian Chinese family history

Inspired by a recent trip to George Town and district in northern Tasmania, here’s an exploration of Tasmania’s Chinese family history – a blog post about ‘The Hung Family of Lefroy, Tasmania’: http://chineseaustralia.org/the-hung-family-of-lefroy…/

Pictured below is the land that Jemima Hung, her husband Ah Hung, and their three children lived on at the turn of the twentieth century. Jemima was born in England in 1850, migrated with her family at age 5, and married Ah Hung in Launceston in 1875. Jemima was the owner of the family’s land pictured here, which is on the Douglas Road near Blanket Creek, outside of Lefroy.


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