QueryPic result showing 403 Forbidden Error

Using the new QueryPic, I’m not getting any results and the response from Trove in QueryPic returns ‘403 Forbidden error’ How can I resolve this? It’s been a long while since using my Trove API key, so it may have expired.

A 403 error certainly seems to indicate there’s a problem with the API key. Can you still log into your Trove user account?

Hi Tim,

Yes, I can still log into my Trove user account. I reset my password as recently requested by Trove and was able to copy my API key for pasting into QueryPic. I haven’t used the key for some time since retiring from MoAD, so perhaps it has lapsed. I can contact Trove to check if there’s no problem at your end,



That’s very puzzling. I didn’t think keys expired, but maybe it has been disabled for some reason. Perhaps you could try just plugging this url into your browser – adding your api key to the end.


If that returns a ‘Forbidden’ response, then there’s definitely a problem with the key.