Hack4OpenGLAM happens again in 2021!

Dear friend

Welcome to Hack4OpenGLAM, a co-creation event for working towards Open Access to cultural heritage. The event brings together content communities, GLAM professionals, advocates of open cultural heritage, digital creators, and tools or platform developers – from newcomers to experts – to learn, work, and create with one another. It is part of the CC Global Summit 20–24 September 2021.

The event focuses on knowledge equity: Highlighting knowledge of individuals, communities, and cultures who have been left out of the spotlight of history, decolonizing cultural historical collections, and acknowledging responsible ways of sharing information online openly.

We are looking for

  • Projects. A project can be as sketchy as an idea or a topic, or as detailed as an existing project. It can be a call-to-action around a task or a challenge to solve a problem.
  • Open collections at GLAM institutions or community archives and their enthusiastic maintainers to participate in co-creation.
  • Digital creators from artists to developers, working with open platforms and technologies.
  • Tools & platforms that enable this work, and their developers.

The registration is now open. In the weeks and months leading to the event, we arrange weekly meetups on Thursdays at 1pm UTC where project ideas can be shared and discussed, and we will further promote them in newsletters and tweets. You can read in more detail how the event is arranged by checking out the webpage, or in the latest This Month in GLAM. Last year’s contributions can be viewed on the Hack4OpenGLAM 2020 Dashboard.


  1. We are looking for two energetic facilitators to join the organizing team during August–September. The facilitators participate in hosting the live program, facilitating collaboration, and guiding volunteers.
  2. To better realize global equity, we are also looking for regional ambassadors to reach out to GLAMs and contributors in their area and domain.

Read more about the opportunities on the web page and apply before 18 July at Hack4OpenGLAM 2021 Jobs.

Hack4OpenGLAM is produced by AvoinGLAM / Creative Commons Finland, and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Looking forward to hacking together!

Susanna on behalf of the organizing team

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