AJCP, microfilms, digitisation and metadata- the joys to be had


I have a few questions about gathering data from the AJCP.

Can the GLAM bench provide details of from where digital records are being accessed? For instance, is it mostly Australian users accessing the newly digitised AJCP collection or are users accessing this material from beyond Oceania?

Are there any ways to extract the metadata of a particular series within the AJCP, say the Miscellaneous series> London Missionary Society records, so they can be used on an external site? For instance, can the metadata concerning records of Rev George Lawes be taken from Trove and placed in an external site so additional (alternative) metadata be added to increase the opportunity of researchers locating material regarding indigenous contributors or women?

Can the metadata from the AJCP be cross-referenced for similarities and differences across various cultural institutions? For example, can the metadata of the same microfilm reel held at the State Library of New South Wales, State Library of Victoria and the National Library of Australia be compared to see similarities and differences?

I’m fairly new to this type of research, so if I need to clarify details, or you have reading/viewing recommendations, please forward them on!

Many thanks for you time,