Zotero translator for RecordSearch updated!

The Zotero translator for the National Archives of Australia’s online database RecordSearch has been updated! The translator automatically captures metadata from RecordSearch and saves it to your own research database.


  • Capture metadata from single items, series, or photos
  • Capture multiple items, series, or photos from search results
  • Save photos from PhotoSearch
  • Save digitised files as PDFs
  • Save page images from the digitised file viewer

Captured item metadata and PDF
Screenshot of captured item metadata including PDF

Captured series metadata
Screenshot of captured series metadata


  • Persistent links fixed after NAA website migration
  • Item search results are now being correctly captured – previously only digitised files were being displayed for capture, and file titles weren’t being displayed
  • PhotoSearch items and searches are being captured
  • Series searches are being captured


  • New metadata added to item captures including ‘Access status’ and ‘Access decision date’
  • Automatic download of PDFs of digitised files
  • New metadata added to series captures including ‘Location’ and ‘Number of items’

The updated translator should be installed when you restart Zotero, or you can go to Zotero > Preferences > Advanced and click on Update now. You might also need to restart your browser.

Report bugs or request enhancements below. The code is in the Zotero/translators repository.

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New update 20 February!


  • The NAA changed labels from ‘Barcode’ to ‘Item ID’ which broke the translator. This is now fixed.