Capturing Trove newspaper articles with Zotero

Zotero is more than a reference manager, it lets you save collection metadata from a wide variety of sources into your own research database. I’ve just updated Zotero’s Trove translator, which grabs information about newspaper articles. Just click on the Zotero icon to save all the article metadata as well as the OCRd text in an attached note, AND a PDF of the article.


I’m still working on the translator to restore some functionality lost after the Trove upgrade, so keep an eye out for updates.


Any chance of being able to save a monograph into Zotero as a book citation rather than as a web page? I think this functionality may have been lost in a previous upgrade and not sure if it was ever restored. Please correct me if I am missing something. State Library catalogues seem to be a moveable feast - eg can work around in NLA catalogue by going into Librarian view. Still works on State Library NSW current catalogue, but looks as though it may not in the new one.

Thanks for the post!

Yes you’re right, unfortunately this functionality was lost with the recent Trove upgrade. I’ve been looking at ways of restoring it, but it’s not easy. Previously there was a Bibtex formatted citation that Zotero could use to extract the bibliographic information, but that’s no longer accessible. There’s an internal API that has the citation info, but you need a key to get it. The only other option is to try and scrape the details from the Trove web page, but the HTML is not usefully structured, so that’s going to be difficult and prone to error.

Anyway, I’m really glad to know that people want to be able to do this! I wasn’t sure whether it was worthwhile spending the time to make it work, but this will give me some added motivation.

And yes, wouldn’t it be great if GLAM interface developers thought about things like embedding structured data in their pages for tools like Zotero to access! I actually just submitted a suggestion to SLNSW for their new catalogue along those lines. You might like to do the same.

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I just put in a request via Trove Support to make the citation API accessible without a key. It would seem to be the easiest solution.